Frequently Asked Questions

What are your candles made of?

Our candles are made with 100% soy wax.

Whats the difference between Soy and Paraffin Candles?

While both Soy and Paraffin has very unique properties, Soy candles are better for the enviroment.

Soy candles are biodegradable, environmentally friendly, clean burn an soot free, while Paraffin is made of petroleum, which makes is less environmentally friendly leaving soot residues around the area where it was burnt, leaving toxic residues flowing around the room.

Why did you decide not to add color to the candles?

Well, this was more of an esthetic reasons, i love color on candles as much as the person next to me, but Soy wax is kind of tricky to play with when adding colors, the candle colorants that you find are made for other type of waxes and they’re not too friendly with soy. Once the candle has gone thru the curing process the colorants may leave ashy or frosted particles on the candle, sometimes all over and that is not that appealing.

I decided to let the natural beauty of Soy to shine by not adding any color, plus is less environmentally friendly with color, they are more prone to soot when adding color.

What are your fragrances made of?

Our fragrances are made of a convention of essential oils to mimic the fragrance that we are trying to visualize and offer. Our oils are premium quality essential oils, phthlalate free.

Does your Wick has Zinc/Lead on them? 

No, our wicks are made 100% untreated cotton, and to make sure that theres nothing added to them, we decided it to tab our own wicks, that way we know for sure that there not metals added to them.

Why are your candles so expensive?

Well, it might seem expensive compared to other candle makes, but something that our customers needs to take into consideration is that we DO NOT mass-produce our candles, and that is a key reason why our candles are priced the way they are. Most of our candles are made to order. Since we are a very small company our supplies costs more than for other companies out there.

We make sure that our candles are made with lots of care and personally packaged by hand for each one of our customers.

Also our prices helps us off-set the cost of shipping. We charge our shipping much less than what we pay for each label.

We anticipate that once our company grows our prices will go down. For that we need your help to grow our company..

Are your candle mass-produced?

No, all our candles are made by hand and most of the time they are made to order.

Where are your candles made?

Right now our candles are made from home, inWashington County, Oregon in a small town called Beaverton, you may associate the town with Nike HQ, Intel HQ, Adidas HQ. 

What’s so special about your candles?

Well, most might say that all candles are the same, but we are all different. Our candles are carefully made for each customer, we do not keep stock, we make our candles by order, we use premium quality fragrance oils for our candles. When the wax allow us, we add two to three times the recommended volume of fragrance to the wax, that way we ensure we are providing you with a highly scented candle, that once you light up the candle you will be able to smell the fragrance sand it won’t be lost.


Where do you ship to?

Currently we ship to all 50 states and Canada

How Frequently do you add new candles to the site?

We add new fragrances every season. We try to keep up with the Seasonal demand while keeping year round fragrances available as well.

How soon can you ship my order?

As mentioned before, we make our candles by order, depending on the time of the day you placed your order, might take 2-3 days to ship them

I noticed that my payment information was saved on your site, how did you get it?

We DO NOT save nor keep any information on our files, sometimes your devices saves the information for you and automatically adds it to the sites where you want to make a purchase from. Legally we are not allowed to obtain nor keep any sensitive information in our system. The only information that we keep is your email address providing that you have granted us permission to do so.


If you have any questions that are not listed on this page, please feel free to contact us, we will promptly answer all of your question.